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Hi frienz!

This is Dust, an Aussie Collie mix. Well, I must say, my life has been quite the adventure! Picture this: I'm just a lovable mutt, minding my own business, when suddenly, the Hope For Paws Team comes to my rescue. But oh no, they didn't just save me with a simple "fetch". Nope, they tried to lure me with mouthwatering burgers! As if I'd fall for such a cheesy trick!

Of course, I saw through their patty ploy and made a beeline for the real heroes—the people who found me. With a broken leg, I did my best Usain Bolt impression, leaving the lady and her meaty bribes in my dust. Ha, who's the fast food champ now?

But, oh boy, it wasn't smooth sailing from there. That persistent lady managed to get her hands on my secret leash. Turns out, I had no clue I was walking around with a leash accessory until that very moment. Talk about a fashion faux paw! They crated me up, carried me inside a building, and unleashed the chaos upon me.

Outside, I found myself tied up in the backyard, feeling more muzzled than a dog with a speech impediment. I couldn't make sense of it all. Blurry vision, strange faces, and this mysterious contraption covering my snout. I showed them my pearly whites to let 'em know I wasn't having any of it. "Hey, you strangers! Hands off the fur!"

Just when I thought things couldn't get any weirder, a tiny human approached and smacked a smooch right on my sniffer. Unexpected, but strangely delightful. In the following days, I disliked everyone... except these mini humans. There were three of them, and they somehow managed to crack my tough exterior. Maybe it was because they were closer to my size, or maybe they just emitted good vibes. It's a doggy mystery.

Among them was the girl who puckered up to my nose. She made it her mission to spend time with me, earning my trust and making me feel at ease. I vaguely remember my broken leg not feeling so broken anymore, thanks to a couple of surgeries. Bits and pieces come back to me, like waking up to that shortie waiting patiently by my side. It was a comforting feeling, like finding the perfect spot for a belly rub.

We started spending more time together. She took me to her house, and we even shared a bed. Let me tell you, that bed was top-notch canine luxury. But then, just like a squirrel on the move, she up and moved to a different house. Guess she wanted a change of scenery.

At the new place, I met Bako, my first-ever doggy friend. Bako was carefree, which made me feel less like a target and more like a cool doggo. On our first night, I strolled around, taking in the scents, when suddenly the girl woke up. I guess my curious sniffing session startled her a bit. Whoops! Note to self: no late-night face-sniffing escapades.

Trust wasn't built in a day, but day by day, we were getting there. One day, we embarked on an epic hike. It was a pack of doggie pals and a few hoomans, and everything was going swell until I had a major freak-out and made a daring dash off a cliff. Yep, I went airborne! Thankfully, Mom (that shortie I mentioned earlier) never left me alone after that cliffhanger incident.

I started calling her Mom because, well, she's become my forever human. She's the one who never gives up on me, always there to lend a paw. That shortie, she's my rock. And hey, the best part? Now I've got a fancy title as an Aussie Collie mix. Move over, Queen's Corgis—I'm the true Aussie royalty, with a mix of mischief and charm that'll make your tail wag!

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