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meet our CEO

Meet Dust, our CEO (Canine Epicurean Official)

This Australian Shepherd Collie mix made her entrance into our lives in 2019, discovered on the lively streets of Los Angeles. Despite a troubled past, marked by trust issues and a badly broken hind leg, Dust's story took a heartwarming turn when she formed an unbreakable bond with her caregiver during her recovery.

Since then, Dust has undergone an inspiring transformation, embracing life's lessons. She's still cautious around strangers but discerning about her companions and food choices. During the pandemic, her caregiver became a mushroom maestro, crafting a special recipe to ease Dust's leg and heart woes.

Now, Dust is on a mission to spread joy and healing, one furry friend at a time, armed with her favorite treat and a heart full of love. Cheers to Dust, the four-legged CEO who turned adversity into triumph and treats into tales of tail-wagging wonder! πŸΎπŸ„β€οΈ

Dust's Rescue

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